Hoy todo cambia

One of our historic clubs, Sociedad Recreativa Villaverde C.F. A great sporting and social club. A club that´s a symbol and a help to a humble neighbourhood, where thousands of boys take refuge in football and different cultures meet around a ball.

A club with something that needs doing, to have a grass pitch. Something that has prevented them from being promoted, they are still in the regional league. With the same old pitch as always, the sand pitch, popularly known as BERNABÉU DEL SUR.

HTC means change. It means progress, moving forward. It represents taking a step forward, discovering what´s coming. Changing isn´t conforming with what you have.Villaverde F.C needed a change and we´ve given it to them.

At last Villaverde will have the pitch they deserve. But not just that, we want to make it a dream come true for everyone who has ever been part of the club, for the whole neighbourhood. We´ll give them a night of champions.

For Villaverde Here´s To Change..


La historia

S.R. Villaverde is a small club with a great history. Talking about the club means talking about its sand pitch, the Botetticher Arena, or as everyone calls it “El Bernabéu del sur”. It also means talking about a neighbourhood in the south of Madrid, Villaverde Alto.

Sociedad Recreativa Villaverde was founded in 1971 after the demise of previous clubs such as Club Deportivo Villaverde or Metalworkers Villaverde.

Since then the club has passed through most categories of football in Madrid. It´s actually in Group 2 of the amateur league in the Community of Madrid.

Its colours are green and white.
Its highest score was 32-0.
Its lowest score was 0-15.

This year the team is trying to get the 45 points which will mean salvation. Maybe from then on, they can set their sights higher.



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